JET - Dual-Sport, Enduro, Trail EGO - Enduro, Trail, Mini VPS - MX, Enduro, Supermoto, ATV, Adventure-Touring Storm Handguards - Street
Adventure Model Specific - Adventure-Touring, Dual-Sport, Trial, Rally BBZ - Built for Blizzard conditions - Street, Adventure-Touring, Naked, Cruiser, Scooter Lever Guard - Rider Training Bikes


BBZ-01 handguard fitted to VFR800

Built for BLIZZARD conditions. Ride all year round with warm hands.

The new BBZ-01 is designed for faired Sports and Touring Motorcycles, but is suitable for most Street, Dual Sport and Adventure/Touring bikes.


Barkbusters innovative motorcycle handguards and accessories are designed and manufactured in Australia by Rideworx Pty Ltd, an Australian owned company.

The Barkbusters motorcycle product range includes:

  • Storm - Street bike and adventure-touring handguards
  • BBZ01 - Built for BLIZZARD conditions
  • VPS - Off road, supermoto, ATV and adventure-touring handguards
  • EGO - Enduro, trail and mini bike handguards
  • Jet - Off road, Trail, Enduro handguards
  • Mounting Kits
  • Handlebar End Plugs
  • Spare Parts for the entire range
Barkbusters - leading the way in hand protection for trail, enduro, adventure and street bike riders.
Rideworx Australian Made since 1984
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